Norway's Spitsbergen Islands

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Spitsbergen Highlights

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Minke Whale

Amazing Wildlife

Discover Arctic Beauty

MARVEL at the icy, clear tranquility of the Arctic and feast your eyes upon otherworldly landscapes and gorgeous wildlife, like polar bears, Arctic foxes and many species of seabirds.

Wet Landing

Adventurous Excursions

Explore Remote Areas

VENTURE into small inlets, immense fjords and the wide open Arctic Ocean. But be careful not to blink—or the secrets of Spitsbergen might pass you by!

MS Ortelius in Drift Ice

Breaking Through Drift Ice

Journey to Otherworldly Regions

LET the MS Ortelius take you ever closer to the North Pole, where very few travelers reach. This special ship is equipped to plow through drift ice, ensuring that your once-in-a-lifetime trip is truly unique.