In Our Hometown, Berlin

Integration of Refugees

Integration of Refugees

The aim of the nachbarschafft (neighborhood works) society is to integrate refugees from the Middle East and to familiarize them with German history, culture and values. Because international friendship is one of Lernidee’s most highly valued principles, we support the efforts of this Berlin society to bring people together regardless of national origin, age, gender or religion, with respect and equality.
Lernidee provides reading materials and organizes trips to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp with the aim of sensitizing both refugees as well as German youth with and without immigrant backgrounds to the topic of anti-Semitism.

School Trips for Berlin Students

In 2009, Lernidee founder, Hans Engberding, who had once been a teacher at a Kreuzberg elementary school, decided not to send costly Christmas cards to our partners around the world so that we could instead help out underprivileged youths in Berlin. With the money that we saved on postage and Christmas cards, we helped numerous students to take part in class trips which would have not otherwise been possible.

Language Week Neukölln

In the past, we have also supported Language Week Neukölln, a festival where people from different cultures come together and demonstrate the richness and diversity of language through innovative activities.