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You might already be aware that you may now access all partner resources at the new Lernidee Partner Portal Everything you need to promote and sell Lernidee journeys is now available on the new site. Therefore, we will be taking down the partner page. will still be online, but only for viewing our published journeys. All partner information will only be available on starting 15 September 2020.

Important: This partner page will no longer be available starting 15 September 2020. If you haven’t done so already, please go to the Lernidee Partner Portal,, and register now.

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This partner page is moving to

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Click here to access all files directly, including images, films, brochures, log books, maps, product descriptions, and availability updates. (Password required)

Access Lernidee Partner Files Now

Click here to access beautiful images from our train and cruise journeys in Russia, Central Asia, Southern Africa, Spain, the South Caucasus, Northern Laos and more!

Click here for maps, brochures, vessel layouts and product descriptions.

You will also find preliminary departure dates for our train and cruise journeys here.

Click here to access films from our journeys: African Explorer, Mekong River Cruises, Silk Road and Zarengold.